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Solar X-rays:

Geomagnetic Field:



Sahaja Yoga

Awakening the Kundalini Power in a soft manner

Introduction to the philosophy and teachings of Sahaja Yoga meditation by its founder Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

Sahaja Yoga

Sahaja Yoga Deutschland

Sahaja Wissen

Shri Mataji Self Realization (Kundalini Awakening)

Vienna, Austria 1991 (Sahaja Yoga Meditation)

Plato: The Allegory Of The Cave – The Matrix Animated

Eckhart Tolle Being Now

 Apocrypha - documents that were not accepted into the canon of the Bible

Gnostic Teachings


Data from spacecraft:

White Light Corona... ….......Stereo ….........GOES 14 X-Rays …........SOHO 17.1nm …...SOHO 19.5nm ...SOHO 28.4nm ….SOHO 30.4nm …......Active Reigons

Solar X-rays: Geomagnetic Field:

From  The previous 24 hours of 5 minute Long-wavelength X-ray data from each is assigned: Normal, Active, M-Class-Flare, X-Class Flare, Mega Flare

Geomagnetic Field The previous 24 hours of 3 hour Planetary Kp Index data is analyzed and an level of activity for the past 24 hours is assigned: quiet (Kp < 4), Unsettled (Kp=4), Storm (Kp>4)

Earthmagneticfield (Picture) ….IMF (DATA)............................ Aurora Northern Hemisphere …......................Aurora Southern Hemisphere........

The strength of the interplanetary magnetic field (IMF) as measured by the ACE Magnetometer (MAG)

The two charts above represent the size and position of the oval of Aurora (northern lights) at both poles,

extrapolated from measurements at the last crossing of the NOAA POES satellite over the pole.

Red arrow indicates the direction of the moon (lunar meridiyan).

The level of activity of Aurora is presented by colors as described in the tape right to the charts,

where one unit of the scale is equal to = 1 erg x cm-2 x sec-1 .

A composite image of cloud cover and a map of the Earth...................... Latest uvindex maps of the Sun. Ultraviolet radiation around the world...........and in Europe

Erythemal UV index as a function of the total ozone in (atmospheric) column (TOC) and the solar zenith angle,

according to the parameters Allaart.

Earthquakes today


This is not a real photo of the Moon.

The lunar picture is generated by computer and displays the Moon now

with its current illumination and the bright and the dark sides of the Moon.

The image is updated at page reload, according to the current date and time,

the current Moon phase and positions of the Moon and Earth.

Source: Fourmilab.

The flash application above plots the position of the earth and planets using data from this NASA's JPL website

and is accurate between 3000BC and 3000AD. It shows a "plan view" of the planets laid out in the plane of the ecliptic

(the flat plane in which all the main planets move about the sun).


The Earth-Moon System to Scale, 650 km/pixel

Earth and Moon Viewer

Astronomers have finally figured out why the moon is so two-faced, and it turns out the answer was with us all along: It’s Earth’s fault. The moon’s two faces look nothing alike. The far side has significantly fewer of the familiar dark patches, formed by ancient lava flows. That’s because the lunar crust is thicker there, making it harder for asteroid impacts to break through and release magma.

magnetic field on a regular basis. on March 11th, 2011, day of the destructive Japan earthquake. 

Real-Time Earth magnetic field

SWMF (Magnetosphere-Ionosphere)


Space Weather Prediction Center

Space Weather Explorer 2 (SWX2) is a Java visualization program for space weather simulation data

About the Magnetosphere by C.T. Russell

much more about the Magnetosphere

Richard C. Hoagland about the Moon / Haarp etc.

Why The Moon Appears Grey From Earth

Geomagnetic storm can affect satellites, air travel and power grids.” Credit: NASA

Sonnensturm – Bombardement aus dem All (ZDF-Doku / National Geographic 2000)

Astronomers at the University of Sheffield in England have recorded music generated by the Sun.

Listen to the solar music at

 Wird sich das Erdmagnetfeld umpolen?

sichere“ Erkenntnisse von Prof. Lesch (BR Alpha Centauri)

Dark Matter May Be Building Up Inside The Sun (Wired Magazine)

Ra = Re wurde auch als „Horus im Horizont” oder „der rote Horus” bezeichnet.

Die rote Farbe erklärt die weitere Gleichsetzung von Re mit dem Planeten Mars.

Apollyon rising


Northern and southern lights on seen by Hubble on September 20, 1997.

Electrified sulfur and oxygen atoms from Io are primarily responsible for Jupiter’s auroras,

but the sun and possibly material in the planet’s high atmosphere also play a role. - more

Sacred Geometry:

Symetry and geometry of Ramses Statues in Luxor

Wolfgang Wiedergut  - Blume des Lebens

Öffnung der sieben Siegel

Crop formation in a Wiltshire, U.K. field is believed to represent the passage of the moon and sun. 28.06.2010

Kornkreise Bilder

Kornkreise in Deutschland 2010

Anscheinend gibt es „echte“ Kornkreise – die Ähren WACHSEN in einer bestimmten Höhe in die entsprechende Richtung – und „gefälschte“ Kornkreise – die Ähren wurden niedergetrampelt. Was nicht ausschließt, dass auch die gefälschten durchaus eine Botschaft haben können.

 Forum für Grenzwissenschaften und Kornkreise

Was ist Kabbala?

Numerology – Explaining influence of numbers in your life (Cheiro)

Edgar Cayce´s Association for Research and Enlightenment

Health, Atlantis, Jesus, Egypt.

Esoteric Online – Social Networks for Sacred Science



Foodwatch – “Die Essensretter” – Abgespeist

Zucker, Rohzucker und Rohrzucker

Aufgetischt und abserviert (ZDF, WISO, 14.06.2010)

Convenience- Food – Einzig Frosta verzichtet auf künstliche Zusatzstoffe

International Institute of Concern for Public Health


Masaru Emoto – Die Botschaft des Wassers (Vortrag)

Mineralwasser im Test – Mineralstoffgehalt   Uranbelastung   PET-Flaschen

Leitungswasser – lokalen Anbieter abfragen z.B. Köln

Hinweise zur Zubereitung von Babynahrung – Qualität des Wassers

Informationen rund ums Wasser – H2O Träger des Bewusstseins?

Viktor Schauberger – Die Natur kapieren und kopieren (Film) – Die Wassermeister (arte) – Die Wasserheiler (Teil 2)

Wasserbelebung mit Bergkristall und Edelsteinen

Edelsteinwasser als verbessertes Trinkwasser

Einzelsorten an Edelsteinen und deren Wirkungsweisen

 Wasser - Dipl. Ing. e. Phys. Wilfried Hacheney

Über 50 Jahre Know-how in physikalischer Wasserwissenschaft.

Forschung und Anwendung in Kolloid-Technologie · Levitationsphysik · Nanodynamik

water cure


Seven wonders of the quantum world

Meet the nano-spiders:

The DNA robots that could one day be walking through your body

Auswirkungen des Mobilfunks auf den Menschen

Scientists warn that regular mobile use can cause cancer

Potentialwirbel, neu entdeckte Eigenschaften des elektrischen Feldes, verändern das physikalische Weltbild grundlegend:  Prof.Dr.-Ing Konstantin Meyl

Künstliches Leben: Craig Venter spielt Schöpfer - Erstmals ist es der Wissenschaft geglückt ein künstliches lebendiges Bakterium zu erschaffen. 20.05.2010 (FR)

Raum & Zeit (Magazin) – Gesundheit, Wissenschaft, Ökologie, Politik in der Diskussion

Viktor Schauberger – Die Natur kapieren und kopieren (Film) – Die Wassermeister (arte) – Die Wasserheiler (Teil 2)

Masaru Emoto – Die Botschaft des Wassers (Vortrag)


Actually it is all open for those who

want to listen and see!


The Beatles and Classical Conditioning

The Music Industry Exposed (Video deutsche Untertitel)

The 2009 MTV Video Music Awards: The Occult Mega-Ritual

Lady GaGa – MTV VMA 2009 Paparazzi = Papa Ra Seth ???

Musical Cult Control – Rockefeller Foundation – A=440 Hz Standard Tuning

Somebody Put A Spell On HaitiOr Was It Haarp?


Michael C. Ruppert    about 9/11    Cop v CIA     From The Wilderness

Take ANY 9/11 Footage and speed it up x2

Jim Marrs - 10 Minutes about 9/11

Tagesschau vom 11. September 2001 nur Stunden später schon alles klar

n-tv „live“

Bush says he saw 1st plane hit WTC on TV “What a terrible pilot”


In a decade of assassinations that included John & Robert Kennedy, and Martin Luther King, the U.S. underwent a coups d'état, with a change of leadership and a demoralization of the country that still affects US today.

Former FBI Investigator Don Adams the real killer of J. F. Kennedy may have been …

Analyst Craig B. Hulet about the research of Federal Judge Jim Garrison which pointed toward a conspiracy in the assassination

Publisher and author Tim Miller - suggests a conspiracy took place that was centered around officials of the US government condoning the action taken by the Mafia


Jim Marrs

Alex Jone´s – about Control

Infokrieg TV

David – about the Matrix  “Don´t fight for peace – peace for peace!”

Author, filmmaker, and hermetic scholar Jay Weidner

ObamaTrilateral Commission

Duncan Campbell - Investigative journalist & TV producer

AußenpolitikforumDiskussionen rund ums Weltgeschehen

Helmut Schmidt bestätigt Treffen der Bilderberger

Helmut Schmidt vergleicht Obama mit Hitler    extra 3 – Hitler Vergleich

 About where YOUR saving and insurance MONEY goes:            

Kollaps des Finanzsystems schon absehbar?

New World Order = One World Government

Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial, Washington DC

Louis Copain 09.2010: <<Times will get rougher in every aspect of your lives – to increase the pain and fear – so that in the end everybody will be crying for solutions. The solution you will be presented will be the one that concentrates power and control to a now unimaginable scale. And if you think “Nobody can do this!” – Yes, they can! And if you think “Nobody would do this!” – Yes, they will. See the signs: >>

ROADMAP-Puzzle / Hints how we are wanted to be directed to NWO

Georgia Guidestones

Denver Airport Murals

Ted Turners looks at the world

Neue Welt Ordnung

Finanzsystem    Eine Weltwährung

Nahrung – Pflanzensaatgut

Politisch kommt die Ölpest zur rechten Zeit

Chavez accuses US caused Haiti Earthquake with HAARP-Technology

Somebody Put A Spell On Haiti

Exotische Waffen der Massenkontrolle

Apple weiß wo du wohnstUmstrittene iPhone-Ortung

No secret at all! Here are the Official Homepages:

Trilateral Commission

Council On Foreign Relations (CFR)

European Council On Foreign Relations

CNES – Geipan (official french space agency ufo site)

Le groupe d'études et d'informations sur les phénomènes aérospatiaux non identifiés


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